Patient Testimonials

I came to Dr. Sweeney after a lifetime of chronic lower and upper back pain. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew that taking pain medication
was not a solution for me. Life had been taking a toll on my body and I needed help. I walked into the office to my appointment with Dr. Sweeney.He listened and quietly studied my situation and laid out in detail my plan to healing. The human body, a miracle of mechanics, was about to show me how perfect and well made it was, and I was going to witness how much it could heal itself.

As he adjusted my spine, he chipped away years of pain. Each appointment with better results and finally I was able to see how gifted he was.
Not only did my pain go away, but my allergies got better and my body started to heal in different areas that I didn’t even associate with spinal
allignment. I used to get really bad ear infections every time it would be windy. In one of my adjustments, I actually felt the flow of liquids
inside my body as if my ears were draining inside. I knew at that moment, I was on the right road to recovery. Something inside me was changing
and I knew it was for the better… I was healing!

Unfortunately for me, I had to move to Florida in the middle of my care with Dr. Sweeney. While in Florida, I tried different NUCCA Chiropractors,
none of which helped me. In fact, it made my situation worse and it brought back all the original pain I had to begin with. I decided to go back to see
Dr. Sweeney. Yes, I flew to Austin to be back in his care and problem solved! I have been doing this for the last five months and I will continue to see
him. Traveling to Austin to be in Dr. Sweeney’s care has been life changing for me. My health is back on track and that is worth every penny I spend on my flight.

Having chronic pain is debilitating and it changes you… It changes everything about you. I wouldn’t be here today pain free if it wasn’t for Dr. Sweeney.
I owe him my life back, something I can’t be more grateful about . There is definitely nobody more gifted than he is. He is a caring doctor that finds true
happiness in what he does… healing his patients. He definitely is one of a kind. I would recommend seeing him, even if you are in another state.

From RB:

I had just returned from vacation. I had participated in several activities; hiking, biking, swimming and surfing. I was feeling tired, but good until the plane tie home.
My lower back really started to tense up and cause me pain. Over the next couple days it got progressively worse to the point where it was difficult to sit, stand or walk.

A friend had recommended Dr. Scott to me when she saw how much pain I was in. I went without any previous experience with chiropractic care. Pain medications and rest hadn’t helped.
I wanted the pain to stop and to be mobile again. I’m getting older and I figured maybe this was an indication that I needed to slow down.

Dr. Scott explained his method, performed a thorough examination and adjustment. I felt better right away. I was able to stand up straight and walk in a normal fashion.
I came back the next week for another adjustment, then every other week. Then we moved to a monthly schedule. Most of the time I feel great. Every once in a while I get
out of balance (home Improvement project, minor bike accident) and have some pain, but a visit to Dr. Scott get’s me straightened out.

It’s been a couple years since that first visit. I visit Dr. Scott every 4-6 weeks. I’m more active than I have ever been. At 51 I’m not slowing down, I’ve been running,
biking, swimming; dropped 40 pounds and continue to lead an active, healthy pain free life. Thanks Dr. Scott!

Curt B. :

Dr. Scott Sweeney is wonderful. He has helped me so much. I had TMJ since I was 14, and then got into an auto accident when the airbag dislocated my jaw.
After he treated me the TMJ was completely gone. I could go on about a couple of other things he helped me with but he does his thing without pulling or popping your bones.
I am truly amazed at what he does.


I cannot begin to express how amazing my treatment by Dr. Sweeney has been! He communicates every detail of his treatment, and answers your questions.
I have been going to see him because of my TMJ.

I have been suffering for 1/2 a year now and was recommended to see him by my dentist. I became pain free after one visit to him. I now go regularly to maintain my health.
Unlike a great deal of chiropractors he is not a quack. He does no back/neck cracking or any other extreme treatments. He focuses on the atlas vertebrae and only makes minor adjustments. But what a huge impact they have had on my life!


Dr. Scott Sweeney did amazing things to help my back. OMG. I have had a back problem for about 20 years. A serious chronic one. Been to just about every kind of doctor.
Did not want to go to a chiropractor because I figured that stuff doesn’t work. OMG. Wow, what a difference this has made for me! Okay I’ll calm down and explain why
this particular chiropractor/technique/office works. The technique used by chiropractors in this office is called NUCCA. You can see a lot about it at nucca.org. It’s
very different from other forms of chiropractic work. There is no twisting or cracking. Everything is done in a neutral position. They work primarily on your atlas, which
is the bone just beneath your skull, the top one on your spine. On your first visit, they take x-rays and very careful measurements of your atlas in relation to your skull.
If this positioning is off just a little bit, it can throw your body off, because the rest of your body tries to compensate for the incorrect angle of your head in relation
to your spine. This can cause shoulder, back, and, I guess other kinds of problems such as pain that comes from nerves being pinched. The correction for this is very gentle.
They just put a little pressure on the area just below your ear. It seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does – did for me, at least. The amazing thing about this type of
adjustment is that it seems to hold really well, so you don’t need as much follow up as you would with typical chiropractic work. I can’t say much for chiropractors in general,
except that if you’re going to go to one GO TO THIS OFFICE. The price is quite high on your first visit, which lasts several hours, about $400. But follow-up visits are about
$50 each follow-up. Check about insurance, I think it would depend on your carrier. But it seems to work a lot better than other things, so if you want something to actually
WORK, I’d point you in this direction. No guarantees, just a good shot at feeling better long-term.