With his wife’s encouragement and support, Dr. Scott started chiropractic school at LifeUniversity in Marietta, Georgia.


He embraced his passion for helping others achieve the quality of life he had come to experience through chiropractic care.  



It just so happened that one of the first chiropractic techniques taught was an upper

cervical approach. After building relationships with several NUCCA doctors, and

receiving his first NUCCA adjustment did he begin to realize the powerful effects of

this seemingly simple adjustment.  HIs low back complaints, which were still

bothering him, began to wain and he noticed improved flexibility.  This truly became

a pivotal moment as he decided to become a NUCCA practitioner.  To this day

these doctors remain mentors.


Dr. Sweeney completed his studies at Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose,

California and joined the practice of Back-n-Balance in 2004.  He quickly developed

a thriving practice based on referrals that still continues to grow.  He has been an

active member of the NUCCA organization since 2001, is certified by Activator

Methods and has completed courses in Nutritional Response Testing.  


Dr. Sweeney with his wife Elizabeth have two children, Samuel and Sarah Jane.

He enjoys spending free time with his family and also devotes time for personal

growth and spiritual development.  His passions are being outdoors, hiking,

camping, hunting, working with his hands, classic cars, and wooden boats.