Dr. Scott Sweeney has always had extreme passion for chiropractic. As a child, he would go with his parents on their regular office check ups and watch in amazement, as the doctor would adjust them. While in high school, one of these doctors planted the seed that he should become a chiropractor. Instead, he ended up studying business, and his first career following college was in the manufacturing sector. It was at this time he was introduced to a young chiropractor that changed his life by helping him recover from 2 herniated discs in his low back. This started him off onto a new life path.

After starting his studies at Life University in Georgia, he embraced his passion for helping others achieve the quality of life he had come to experience through chiropractic care. After building new relationships with several NUCCA doctors, and receiving his first NUCCA adjustment, he began to realize the powerful effects of this little known technique. His low back complaints, which had still bothered him, began to go away and he noticed improved function. This became a pivotal moment as he decided to become a NUCCA practitioner. To this day these doctors remain mentors.

Dr. Sweeney completed his studies at Palmer Chiropractic College in San Jose, California and joined a practice in Austin, TX, where he practiced for 10 years. Over the years he has developed a thriving practice, through referrals and based on the principals of being a compassionate advocate for the people he serves and he brings that same level of service to his practice Welcome Back

Dr. Sweeney has been an active member of the NUCCA organization since 2001, is certified by Activator Methods, and has completed courses in the study of Concussions, the QSM3 tonal base technique,  and Nutritional Response Testing.

Dr. Sweeney and his wife Elizabeth have two children, Samuel and Sarah Jane. He enjoys spending free time with his family and  devotes time for personal growth and is grounded in his Faith. His passions are being outdoors, boating, hiking, camping, hunting, working with his hands, building wooden boats, and classic cars.