“I’ve been practicing chiropractic for 14 years and Dr. Sweeney is one of

 the main practitioners that I use to keep me at the top of my game.”

Jeff U.

“I flew to Austin to be back in his care and problem solved.”

Romina B.

“I visit Dr. Scott every 4-6 weeks.  I’m more active than I have ever been.”  

Curt B.

“The amazing thing about this type of adjustment is that it seems to hold really well.” Tracey J.

“After he treated me, the TMJ was completely gone.”

Kelley B.

“They are friendly and accommodating for virtually any schedule.”

Turtle Y.

“I owe Dr. Sweeney my life back, something I can’t be more grateful about.” 

Romina B.

“I was referred to Dr. Sweeney by my massage therapist for my FIRST EVER chiropractic experience and left very impressed.”     Sheridan B.

“Not only did my pain go away, but my allergies got better and my body started to heal in different areas that I didn’t even associate with spinal alignment.” Romina B.

“I was pregnant with hip issues and Dr. Sweeney and his staff explained everything to me.  This made me feel very comfortable, and his treatments have worked.” Sheridan B.

“He communicates every detail of his treatment and answers your questions.”

Jennifer T.

“His method is very gentle.” Sheridan B.

“My daily migraines are gone.” Radha W.

“I’ve never failed to walk out of his office feeling better than when I walked in’”

Deborah L.

“I have not only experienced instant results, but also long term results that last.” Crystal O.

“Getting put back into alignment felt foreign but also unbelievably freeing.”

Ryan E.

“He has adjusted me since I was born!  He makes me feel better and I know when I need an adjustment.” Sam S.