The Three T’s and Why They Matter

If you think injury is the only reason to seek and maintain quality chiropractic care, keep reading, Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts are the three pathways to all misalignments and disease in the body. D.D. Palmer, a chiropractic pioneer at the turn of the century, researched the physiology and effects of each, and his work remains relevant today. Awareness of these triggers can lead you to be more proactive with your chiropractic care, in turn promoting more consistent well being.

Traumas, or injuries, are quite obvious and make a great case to pick up the phone and call the chiropractor’s office.  Car accidents, sport’s injuries, slips, falls, and even the birth process, can bring well being to a halt with clear symptoms and diagnoses such as headaches, back pains, acl tears, frozen shoulders, sprains, and broken bones.  However, these traumas also have a quiet influence on the body that leads to underlying causes of ongoing problems. The body has a mechanism within the brain called the righting reflex. Just like it helps to keep your eyes on the horizon while on a boat to keep from feeling ill, your righting reflex’s job is to keep your head on straight to maintain this equilibrium.  When injury occurs, the body recruits muscles and functions to help stabilize the area as well as to maintain the “head upright” status. In this attempt to compensate for the injury, a pattern of imbalance occurs which, over time, perpetuates “dis-ease” (lack of ease), or disease in the body. Quality and consistent chiropractic care in the event of traumas can lead the body back to an optimal state of well-being.

Toxins, quiet and sneaky, can be present everywhere.  Processed foods, drinking water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, emissions, and pesticides, are a small list of the vast amount of toxins the body is exposed to and accumulates over time. Just as the body compensates for injury, it works incredibly hard to protect and rid the body of toxins.  Often, the body becomes overwhelmed with the task, and the constant fight over time is a strain on the body, and often creates an inflammatory response. Becoming more prevalent, the body even starts attacking things, good things, it perceives as a similar threat. This is called autoimmune disorder, which is now rampant in the United States, and it is the perfect example of the body attacking itself and over-reacting to the barrage of toxins entering the body.  Food allergies, Celiac disease, food intolerances, and chemical sensitivities to perfumes and detergents are often the body’s stress response to toxins. The stress response and imbalance created in the body can lead to misalignment as the body tries to compensate. Discomfort, injury, and further manifestation of disease can accumulate. Consistent chiropractic care and discussions regarding toxin removal and avoidance can again lead the body back to an optimal state of well-being.  

When our body processes a stressful thought or scenario, on a conscious or subconscious level, it again goes into protection mode.  The effect of thoughts on the body is indisputable. It could be argued that this is the number one way our body perpetuates misalignment and disease. The political climate in our country, schoolwork anxiety, social media, financial concerns, spirituality, and breakdowns in families are just a small sample of the thoughts that impact well being.   Again, this silent and quite sneaky process, can lead the body rapidly down the path of dysfunction and disease. Muscle tension, headaches, exhaustion, and back pain are some of the indicators that the body is processing stressful information. A quality chiropractic adjustment can support the body, and create an opening for well being and healing.   

The body is amazing! It works beautifully to protect and compensate.  Awareness of the three T’s, traumas, toxins, and thoughts, can help you act more quickly to prevent further development of dis-ease in the body.  Awareness of the fluid relationship between the three can also be a powerful tool. Realize that thoughts can lead to toxins, which lead to trauma.  Know that trauma can lead to thoughts, which lead to toxins. Acknowledge toxins can lead to thoughts that lead to trauma. Finding these patterns in your unique life can be transforming!  Pursing quality chiropractic care at the onset can prevent injury and disfunction. Discuss the three T’s with your chiropractor. What you might not be able to see, your chiropractor can glean.

For more real-life examples of what this might look like, check out our video series!  And, schedule that appointment! You won’t regret it!