Food truly is your body’s best medicine.  As all of the fad diets come and go, we aim to stick with good principles that are tried and true and were as relevant at the turn of the century as they are now.  This includes:

  • Drinking at least ½ to ¾ your body weight in ounces of water daily
  • Eating natural, unprocessed, organic foods that are locally grown and in season
  • Eliminating processed white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and agave (it is not easily digested)
  • Eating at least 1/3 of your food raw 
  • Making sure you eat enough healthy fats from sources like nuts, avocado, and organic fish

Knowing the foods to eat for your unique self and how your body processes food can be a lifelong journey but one that can pay huge dividends in how you feel.  Most of us need to add supplements to our diets. Make sure they are from a good food source and have a high bio-availability.  

Keep nutrition in your chiropractic conversation, and check out our article “Traumas, Toxins, and Thoughts, The Three T’s and Why They Matter”.  Chances are, your increased awareness of how these affect your body and relate to each other, will elevate your well being.